Your rights as a foreign employee in China

Generally speaking as an expatriate you are entitled to the exact same rights and provisions as your Chinese counterparts under the Labour Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China. However there are a couple of caveats which are important to consider which shall be covered below. The general aspects governed by Chinese employment law […]

Employment Law in China

It is important to remember than China is a jurisidiction which favours the employee in nearly every scenario. The following are the most important details for expats to be cognisant of. Article 12 of the 2008 China Labor Contract Law provided for¬†three types of employment contracts, as follows: fixed-term labor contracts; open-term labor contracts; and, […]

How to get an Non-Criminal Record for use in China

You should make your application in writing to the Superintendent in charge of the district where you live. If you no longer live in Ireland, write to the Superintendent for the district where you use to live. If you leave your application into your local Garda station for forwarding to the Superintendent for the district, […]

Work Permit Category System

Item Criteria Points Annual Salary paid by domestic company (Highest possible score: 20) 450,000 and above 20 350,000 – 449,999 17 250,000 – 349,999 14 150,000 – 249,999 11 70,000 – 149,999 8 50,000 – 69,999 5 Less than 50,000 0 Level of Education or International Professional Qualification Certificate (Highest possible score: 20) Doctor; Highest […]

Business Visa ( M visa)

Business Visa ( M visa) is issued to the individuals who want to come to China for commercial and trading purposes, the typical length of a business M visa is less than 180 days. Inside of China, according to the Chinese immigration laws, if you have already entered China with travel L visa, student X […]