Saving for your Retirement as an Irish Expat in China

Saving for retirement is key for all of us with life expectancy increasing, state pension provision shrinking and the responsibility for having enough to live out our golden years in comfort now being placed squarely on our own shoulders. The retirement savings options for Irish expatriates are naturally different than the options for Irish residents. […]

Why do we procrastinate over our financial decisions?

You know deep down that you should be getting to grips with budgeting, saving regularly and investing for your retirement but you’re not. And you’re not alone. But why? It is difficult to think about the future when we live in an insanely fast modern world where we’re frantically pedalling to keep afloat in the […]

50 / 30 / 20 Budgeting Rule

Do you have trouble budgeting? Try the 50/30/20 rule! I know from speaking to my clients that budgeting is something that many people find extremely difficult. Like life, managing your finances is all about balance. After you’ve met all your bills, you have to decide how to use your disposable income. If you’re finding deciding […]

Income Tax in China Overview

Much like many other countries, individual income tax in China is derived from several income categories. Even though there have been some changes regarding the structure and consolidation of some of these categories (we discuss this briefly with the new amendments at the end of the article), today an individual is taxed in China according […]

Inheritance Tax Considerations for Irish Expats in Asia

Estate planning and Inheritance tax while quite frequently discussed in the UK Financial press, is far less prominent and talked about in Ireland. It is however an important consideration for Irish expats, mainly because for many Irish expats they are likely to have family ties back in Ireland. And, the rules for Inheritances dictate that […]

Irish University Fees for Expatriate Children

This is something that I get asked about all the time by concerned Irish parents so I thought it would be useful to put some relevant information down in a blog post. Most universities around the world charge more for international students (as opposed to domestic ones) and Ireland is no different but it can […]

Irish Expatriate Voluntary PRSI contributions

Ireland has bilateral social security arrangements with many countries, including European Union members, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand, but, unfortunately for Irish nationals living and working in Shanghai, Beijing, or indeed any part of the country, China is not one of them. That means that any contributions and tax paid in China do […]

Banking in China

When it comes to banking in China, it can be a real challenge. Repatriation When repatriating money back to Ireland outside of China you have several options. 500 USD per day through your Chinese Bank. Repatriate more than 500 USD limit, by showing proof to your Chinese Bank that you have paid tax on the […]